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Exercise: Essential for body and mental health

Exercise: Essential for body and mental health

Exercise: Essential for body and mental health

It is not necessary to spend money to stay healthy. It is very important to take some exercise time in daily life to keep the body active and improve mental health. Running for half an hour daily reduces blood pressure, making it less likely to develop heart disease.

Physical benefits of exercise

Running daily and running for half an hour not only makes the heart work properly, but it also strengthens the muscles of your feet so that bones do not break and become weak. It is better if you find a track or course to run because it improves your body's balance and balance. People who walk around the mountains on a daily basis have a physical balance and strength.

What is the reason to keep the heart healthy?

Start with daily walking first. With daily walking, a person can reduce calories by about 300 in an hour. If there is a shortage of space, you can exercise by standing in one room. You can also do this while watching TV. You can also tighten the muscles of your hands by pushing your arms back and forth or moving up and down while standing in one place. As well as walking, the exercise of the arms helps your body to relax, your heart works better, you feel lighter, and you also lose weight.

Fun with playing Frisbee

Do you play Frisbee (pronounced FRIZ-bee also called a flying disc or simply a disc) Playing a Frisbee with your friends are the easiest and best game. Not only do you have fun in the open air, but you can easily strengthen the body by running and turning to catch a Frisbee. Playing one hour of Frisbee with friends can cost you more than 500 calories an hour.

Swimming affects on body and mental health

Swimming affects on the body and mental health

In addition to daily exercise, swimming has a very positive effect on health. Swimming strengthens the heart and protects people from heart diseases. Swimming is used by every part of the body so the body has a good balance. Knees and elbows do not jerk off as they move through the water, and they become stronger.
In addition, cycling is also a great exercise. Bicycling 40 minutes a day can cost you five hundred calories. If you have a gym near you, doing daily cycling is like strengthening bones and not stressing the joints.

The exercise that can change lifestyle

In it you can practice standing upright on one leg and kicking the other leg straight and high in the air. It strengthens the muscles of your feet and gives you flexibility in the body. You can also improve the balance of each part of the body by hitting the air with both arms. Working in balance with one part of the body is very important for your health and development of mind and helps you to stay present in weakness.

So are you ready to exercise to be healthy?

 Before exercising, be aware that exercising an empty stomach hurts the body. It is very important to eat someone to two hours before exercise and after exercise. Also be aware that whether exercise is done in the room or playing outdoors, it is important to maintain the amount of water in the body or else the person will feel tired and headache after exercise.
Another thing is that exercise is important not only for the body but also for the health of the mind. Regular exercise can also relieve anxiety, depression and many other diseases.


 It is important to eat a balanced diet along with the exercise which should include a large number of fruits, pulses and vegetables.
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