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Meditation and Health

Meditation and Health

Meditation and Health

There is moderate evidence that meditation improves symptoms of anxiety. There truly are multiple health benefits to meditation, a key component to better health literature found that mindfulness meditation.
Yours truly, The Cleaning Eating Coach, is your typical Type A, get it done, over energized kind of person – always on the go, making and completing multiple checklists but not spending nearly enough time just being instead of always Doing.
For me that translates into “being in my head,” worrying about the many things I need to do and handle and spending ample amounts of time rushing around and saying, “if only I had more time to…”
Phew…enough already, that’s exhausting! A health coach can only take so much of this over the top of behavior. So this winter and spring it was time for me to “get real” with myself and learn how to calm down, once and for all. In a stroke of good fortune, I saw a free 21-day meditation challenge that Deepak Chopra and Oprah were doing on a friend’s Face book page.
 The theme was Perfect Health and it happened to be the day it was starting so I quickly signed up (in the future I’ll share these free meditation programs with you).
Little did I know what a treat I was in for or how life changing this would be. What did I learn that was so impactful?
Check out just a few of the powerful things that have occurred:
The power to calm my mind and body simply by integrating 15 minutes of meditation into my day.

Physical benefits of meditation

Learning how to use the power of my breath to create this calm. Of course, I’m super familiar with deep breathing through yoga practice and other means but it doesn’t mean I practice it regularly – this helped me develop consistency.
Appreciating my body and its many gifts instead of bemoaning all the things it can’t do. There are 100s of things it can do for which I’m grateful. Tuning into that higher vibration and positive self-talk was invaluable.
Focusing on my overall health and identifying some areas for improvement, more sleep for one. I feel energized first thing in the morning and at night so going to bed early can be a real challenge; however I’m challenging myself to get more rest. Truly that’s a work in progress.
Less stress and anxiety. Making this shift and meditating daily has made me feel so much lighter and more able to focus and be in the moment instead of being preoccupied with worry.

How meditation is good for your health

There truly are multiple benefits to meditation – a key component to better health. It’s been shown to lower blood pressure, elevate mood, help with weight loss (less stress means less opportunity to store cortisol, the stress hormone that contributes to fat accumulation) and create an all-around happy feeling of bliss, just to name a few.
Seriously, what’s not to love about calming your mind and body and feeling more present and effective in all you do?
Do you meditate? What’s your practice like and how long do you meditate per day? What kind of benefits have you realized? Please share your thoughts below.
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