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Supplement - type of additive

Supplement - type of additive

Supplement - type of additive              

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1)    Coating agent (brightening agent) A

Tablet that protects tablets from moisture and smoothes the surface for easy swallowing. Substance names are exempted in Japan, and only “brighteners” may be displayed.

Herbal supplements

Natural resins from plants and insects are often used, but some are made from petroleum. Although it is a trace amount because it is only used for coating the surface, let's choose natural resin instead of putting oil-based ones in the mouth.
·         Natural resin derived from plants and insects

Brazil wax (carnauba wax): Obtained from carnauba palm resin.
Shellac: Obtained from the insect called the scale insect. Since it is hardly digested and absorbed, it does not cause a problem.
Beslow: Obtained from beehives.

·         Petroleum

Microcrystalline wax

Paraffin wax

Coloring agent

2)    Coloring agent both the

Application name “coloring agent” and the substance name are displayed.
Coloring is not necessary for supplements. However, some actually use coloring agents. Whether it is natural or synthetic, it is unnecessary.
It is better not to take petroleum-synthetic pigments called edible tar pigments.
There is chlorophyll, safflower yellow, grape juice pigment, beet red, carrot carotene, etc., if you have to use colorants.
3)    Sweetener  it

Is an additive that is not necessary. Chewable types are used because the taste is important for chewing.

Types of sweetener

·         Sugar
Refined sugar remains only calories and is easily absorbed by the body, so if you consume it too much, it may cause abnormal blood sugar levels.
·        Sorbitol
 Sugar alcohol chemically synthesized from glucose. Because it is absorbed more slowly than sugar, it does not raise blood sugar as much as sugar. Because the sweetness is only 60% of sugar, it will be included more.
·         Xylitol
Manufactured from xylose obtained from plants. It has the same sweetness as sugar, but unlike sugar, it does not increase blood sugar. It is said that it is hard to become a decayed tooth. If you take it too much, it will cause diarrhea.
In addition, there are asterum (artificial sweetener); licorice extract and stevia extract (natural extract).
4)    Fragrance for adding flavor to

Fragrance composition

·        Food
 The label should be written only as “fragrance”. There is no need to add a fragrance, so no fragrance is necessary.
5)    Preservative

Used to prevent the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and mold.

Preservative supplements

Tablets are basically not necessary because the contents are protected from the outside air if coated. Some supplements, such as powders, may contain preservatives.
Preservatives are basically poisonous because bacteria and mold cannot grow. In particular, chemically synthesized preservatives can be dangerous.
6)    Capsule

The contents of the capsule are powder. If the powder does not flow smoothly when packing, the work will not proceed smoothly. Therefore, a lubricant is needed to improve the flow.
 Also, powdered supplements use lubricants as well as capsule contents. Preservatives are sometimes used to prevent mold from breeding because of the area of the material exposed to air increases.

Good or bad additive

It’s never been so few additives, but that does not seem to be the case.
The amount of tablets is easy to understand and convenient to carry. However, without a coating agent, it is difficult to maintain quality even with a bag of moisture absorbent.
If you know the identity of the additive and know what to avoid, don't worry about it. Some supplements use only the minimally necessary additives that are harmless to your body.
By the way, you must write additives in the column of the raw material name. However, there are occasional supplements that only have the names of fruits and vegetables.
If you can make a pill supplement with only vegetables and fruits, you don't have to worry. So such supplements may consciously hide information about the additives you are using. In such cases, you may want to contact the manufacturer directly.
Food additives are checked by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare for safety under the law and guaranteed.
When checking the additives on the part of the user, it is important to pay attention not only to safety but also to its necessity. Additives may be ingredients that are essentially unnecessary for the user but increase productivity and storage stability. For example, smoothing can increase production efficiency. If production efficiency rises, it will lead to lower prices.
However, it is important for the user to check whether or not the additive is used excessively with the emphasis only on increasing productivity and storage.
The names of raw materials, including additives, are listed in order of usage.
Additives are displayed with substance names, the use name, and the substance name indicating what was used, the indication of only the use name (the collective name display), or what was used There are various things such as “display exemption” that you do not have to do.

Vitamins and minerals

Both vitamins and minerals, whether natural or synthetic, are listed as “Vitamin C” or “Vitamin E” in the column of raw materials. The added vitamins may be antioxidants or nutrient enhancers. Beta carotene may be added as a colorant.
Vitamin is considered good for the body, or in the case of a nutritional enhancer. It seems that they are often displayed despite the exemption. When used as an antioxidant or coloring agent, the name of the application will be written together, such as "Antioxidant (vitamin C)" or "Coloring agent (beta-carotene)".
With these things in mind, let's read the raw material names on the labels of supplements that are actually sold. It is not uncommon for all raw material names written there to be additives.
If vitamins and minerals are contained in the food itself, vitamin C and vitamin E are not written again in the raw material name column. Instead, the names of the fruits and vegetables used as raw materials should be written.
By the way, there is a minimum required additive. Tablets will not become tablets without binders, lubricants, and brighteners. However, even if you look at the raw material names on the labels, there may be no equivalent. It is safe to avoid such products.

What is a reliable supplement?

Considering that the dietary habits that Japanese people normally eat are below the standard dietary intakes issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it can be said that supplements have become a necessity that supports the dietary habits and health of modern Japanese. Maybe.
Following the food for specified health use, the functional nutrition food system was established and the system was gradually in place.
Even for supplements that do not fall under these two systems, the recommended products approved by the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association are marked with the “JHFA Mark”.
We are examining whether the factory is paying sufficient attention to safety. It can be said that this mark is one of the criteria for judging whether or not the manufacturer is reliable.
In addition, the issue of adding pharmaceuticals must be taken into account when confirming the effectiveness of supplements.
In order to increase the effectiveness of the product, the supplier may add a small amount of medicine.
In particular, supplements for “diet” can sell people who actually have the effect of “being thin after drinking”, so add thyroid hormones or add medicines that reduce appetite, then discover and sell them There was an example that was canceled.
Adding these ingredients aren't allowed, but it's hard to tell because they can't be displayed.
If you are not sure if a manufacturer is reliable, or if you want to check or ask a question, you can contact the manufacturer directly.
A manufacturer that can respond properly is good, but a manufacturer that only returns an ambiguous response such as "I don't know because there is no person in charge" may have some problems in terms of reliability.
Choose products that are reliable and reliable….

Part Two

To be continued.