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What is Kidney Cancer?


Kidney cancer is a malignant kidney tumor, and about 1 to 5% is axillary. If the tumor occurs from the kidney base tube, embryo, connective tissue or nerve tissue, the malignancy will be different, which will affect the prognosis and survival rate. Kidney malignancies can occur at any age in the body. The left and right sides of the kidney are almost equal, with a male to female ratio of 2:1.
What is Kidney Cancer?

What is Kidney Cancer?

Kidney cancer

Conjointly known as nephritic cancer, maybe a malady within which excretory organ cells become malignant (cancerous) and grow out of management, forming a growth. Most excretory organ cancers 1st seem within the lining of small tubes (tubules) within the excretory organ.
 This kind of excretory organ cancer is termed nephritic cell cancer. The nice news is that almost all of the excretory organ cancers area unit found before they unfold (metastasize) to distant organs. And cancers caught early area unit easier to treat with success. However, these tumors will grow to be quite giant before they're detected.
The kidneys area unit 2 bean-shaped organs, every concerning the scale of a clenched fist. They are your lower abdomen on either side of your spine. Their main job is to wash your blood, removing waste product and creating excretion.

Kidney cancer symptoms

·         Some patients have no symptoms, only to find kidney cancer at the time of physical examination.
·         In the advanced stage, hemorrhage, lumps, and abdominal pain may occur.
·         Nausea, vomiting.
·         Weight loss, anemia, increased body temperature, increased blood cell sedimentation rate.
·         Intestinal obstruction or constipation.

Kidney cancer causes

Kidney malignancies remain unclear. However, it is related to the following factors:

·         Local body damage.
·         Genetically related.
·         Environmental and personal hygiene.
·         Related to diet.
·         Viral viruses are a direct cause of malignancy, such as adenocarcinoma or papillary cancer.
·         Synthetic estrogen.
·         Chemical cancers such as cholesterol and methyl phenanthrene.
·         Smoking.

Kidney cancer treatment

Doctor will surgically remove the cancerous kidney and then apply radiation, chemotherapy and endocrine therapy. Renal resection can be performed by incision of the lower back, chest and abdomen, open back and incision.

Kidney cancer prevention

When taking a bath for a child, the mother should regularly touch the child's abdomen for a smooth, solid or nodular mass. If you feel it, ask your doctor to check.
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