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Healthy Diet Essay

Healthy Diet Essay

Healthy Diet Essay

Today I’d like to talk about how important it is to have a healthy diet. Healthy Diet is often highly overlooked, but it’s probably the most important facet of good health and well being.

Importance of Healthy Diet

To put it as simply as I can say you want to eat a snickers bar. There is nothing wrong with eating one, however how long does it take you to eat it? A minute or two probably, but that one snickers bar has close to two hundred calories! That’s equivalent to running 1.5 miles! Can you do that in a minute or two? No!
Not to mention that snickers were so good that your mind as well and eat another one that was also easy.
What I’m trying to say here is that it’s far easier to consume calories than it is to use them. To make it worse the food companies engineer them so they are highly addictive. This leads to excess calories in and nowhere near enough out. This causes our bodies to store the unused energy (calories) for a famine – which will never come.

Basic Healthy Diet or Healthy Diet Foods

Basically, the more natural the food is, the better it is. Some foods even have negative calories. Well not really but say you eat some celery – you can’t digest it and it can take forever to chew so you use energy on the chewing and you don’t digest it so you don’t add any calories. Fruit-diet
The fruit is extremely low in calories, especially watermelon. It wills you up but adds nearly nothing to your caloric intake. You’ll want to eat a lot more plants, fruits, berries, nuts – even though they are high in calories they take a lot of energy to digest. Also, they are great for long term energy.
Don’t underestimate this, if you eat more of the good stuff you’ll quickly shed pounds and you’ll feel a lot better quicker then you might have thought.
Remember getting unhealthy is a long and slow process so we get accustomed to feeling sick, but getting well can happen fast!
It’s no secret, healthy people look better. Healthy people are also much more attractive to other people; this is because before modern times we wanted to pass on the best genes to our offspring. Today we are still attracted to healthy people, so getting healthy is much better than just looking good. Especially if you’re single!
However, even if you’re in a committed relationship getting healthier has many benefits and your spouse will also get more attracted to you as well!

Exercise is Boring Right?

This is up to you; if you think it as a chore then yes you’ll find it boring. But if you can find a way to get excited about it then you’ll love it. Once you make a point to exercise several times a week, after a few months it will become habitual and you won’t even realize it was hard to do before!

Exercise Benefits

Exercise has some amazing health benefits! In my opinion I believe everyone needs to exercise every day, other than being a great stress reliever it helps to control your weight, strengthen muscles and BONES!

Exercising is great for your bones

That is something many people don’t realize. In order for your muscles to get stronger your bones to need to get stronger as well. Your muscle derives their strength from your bones. Take bodybuilders for example. They can pick up things and do crazy stuff that would more than likely snap your arm or leg into bits, but they can do it no trouble! It’s because they do a lot of strength training and their bones (as well as muscles) have grown strong.
This is one thing I hear all the time: “But I’m already healthy”, which is true. When it comes to your health you are healthy – until you aren’t.
What I mean is, you want to keep your good health for as long as you can, because once you start to notice your health slipping it’s so much harder to try and get healthy again. But you’ll never be as healthy as you were.
Think of your body like a car, your car runs perfectly; Even though nothing is wrong you still do the oil changes you are told to do, what happens if you don’t? Well if you are supposed to change your oil at 3,000 miles and are at 5,000 probably nothing will happen. But at some point with no change, the bad oil will stop lubricating the engine (your body) and it will go through a sudden and drastic decline. This is going to cost you a lot of money or you’ll just need a new car.
Unfortunately with our bodies, we can’t just replace anything that fails because we didn’t take care of it, or buy a new one, so for this reason our health should be our number one focus at all times.

Simple Things to Prolong Good Health

Exercising is one of the best ways to maintain good health. In fact, if you make it a point to get some exercise every day not only will you be healthier than others in retirement, but you’ll look much younger too. Exercise and aging go hand in hand, if you combine this with a good diet then you can be 80 years old, but you may only look 50! Think of all the looks you’ll get from the other people!

Long Term Benefits of Exercise

Jogging for exercise Remember we only have one life, we need to live while we are here, there are no do-over’s, don’t take your good health for granted today, only to get to the “golden years” and wish you would have taken better care of your health. Exercising doesn’t mean you have to run 10miles every day, it could be as simple as walking to the mailbox every morning or parking at the far end of the parking lot into work or the store, or even taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator. Simple habits like this really adds up and will go a long way to keeping your health in tip-top shape.

Health Line Nutrition

Nutrition is also a key way to keep your health strong. Nutrition is also getting harder and harder to do; our food is so junky that it hardly can even be called food. In fact, some of our “food” is now labeled as a “food product “because it can’t legally be called food. Oranges are great for nutrition.
The key to nutrition is to eat stuff you can find in nature, plants, berries; fish even red meats are okay. Red meats, however, you need to be careful. It’s not the meat that’s an issue, it’s how it’s processed and what the animal was fed, this is why it has a bad rep nowadays. We feed our cows chemicals and they collect in their bodies and then we eat it and it harms our bodies.
Some of the best diets are mostly plant-based, with some seafood mixed in. But anything natural is going to pay big dividends down the road, however since we only live once make sure you enjoy your food too. Just try to eat healthy most of the time and enjoy some “junk food” at times.
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