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Weight loss journey

Weight loss journey

Weight loss journey


Older generations of Americans maybe familiar with the original “Battle of the Bulge,” a historic battle that took place in WWII as American troops saw their supply lines stretched and pressed on all sides by the forces of the Nazi army.
During the first decade of the 21st century a staggering 64% of Americans were estimated to be overweight, or worse, obese. That represents an increase of 14% from the 1980s and 90s and a 36% increase from the 1970′s.
Individuals who are overweight or obese will find themselves facing staggering health problems and are among the most at risk for developing diseases and health issues as a direct result of their weight. There are literally thousands of tips, hints, programs, and diets available to overweight and obese individuals with the express goal of helping them get back to a healthy and comfortable weight.
It can be hard to sift through the endless amount of different options out there to find the best tips, but with a little patience and insight any individual can find the right plan to help them lose weight.

Weight loss exercise

To move the body to burn excess fat, can improve the body to promote physical fitness and health, the effectiveness of slow, and is available to develop the habit of exercise.

The faster way to fat loss

In addition to dieting, exercise is also a common way to lose weight. Many girls will choose to go to the fitness center to exercise, to achieve the effect of weight loss, and exercise to lose weight, body line repair is also relatively strong and perfect. However, in general exercise, it takes more than 20 minutes to continue, and the body's fat begins to burn, and each exercise consumes only 500 to 1,000 calories.
The effect of exercise weight loss is often not as fast as dieting, and it will last for a long period of time, so it needs a great amount of perseverance. In addition, excessive exercise will result in physical exhaustion, mental euphemism, loss of appetite, but will endanger health, so we must do our best.
Note: you can ask Fitness instructors provide guidance or choose the right exercise based on your ability

Weight Loss Methods

The popular methods of weight loss in the market are varied and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Inappropriate weight loss is not only ineffective but also has a bad effect on health.


Acupuncture is an emerging method of weight loss. It uses acupuncture to stimulate the body's acupuncture points, dredges the meridians, and facilitates the body's drainage function, achieving the weight loss effect of "swelling and diluting water".
In addition to acupuncture treatment, it is necessary to cooperate with the diet to achieve the desired effect. Acupuncture needs to rely on the assistance of Chinese medicine practitioners. The general effect is slower. The initial effect is not significant.
However, if you can improve your eating habits according to the doctor's instructions, the doctors will always pay attention to the physical condition of the dieters, which is relatively mild. And the safety method, the effectiveness is also guaranteed.

Fat loss diet

In accordance with meals specially designed single and diet to prevent the body to absorb too much fat, starch and sugar, no need to starve, quickly see the effect. Once reply normal diet weight is easy to rise, and the results will vary from person to person.
When many people start to control their diet, most of them will fast meat, starchy or dairy foods, and only eating vegetables and fruits, so that in the short term, although they can make weight loss, only fruits, and vegetables are not enough to meet daily needs.

1200 calorie diet

1200 Calories diet, which can lead to undernutrition, make the body weak and resistant and are prone to other diseases.
The effectiveness of popular diet menus varies from person to person. It is best to ask the nutritionist for advice or ask the dietitian to tailor a meal plan for the individual and maintain a balanced diet. Some more aggressive diets such as short-term fasting are not advisable.
Although dieting is an ideal way to lose weight, the taste of food is mainly light (such as boiled, less seasoning), and the amount should be strictly adhered to. It is more troublesome to implement, and it takes a period of time to achieve the desired effect. Once you stop or reply to your usual eating habits, your weight will be easy to recover and will rise again.

Best way to burn belly fat

Five simple weight loss tips 1 eat more fiber you'll be pleased to know that you can tone your tummy by eating more fat burning foods fiber-rich products including porridge avocados and sweet potatoes fiber has no magical fat-burning properties but can help you to feel satisfied in much smaller quantities keeping you feeling fuller for longer to drink green tea.
If you want to lose weight you need to drink around 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day this will give you the right amount of caffeine and catechins to aid weight loss 3 have a hot bath apparently soaking in the tub can help you to lose weight while cycling burned more calories researchers found the hour-long bath burnt as many calories as a half-hour walk approximately 140 calories.
Work harder to stay warm this causes it to burn up more energy than it usually does as well as speeding the metabolism 5 spring clean intense household chores such as cleaning windows and scrubbing the bathroom could keep you in tip-top shape and your house will look great to the study found window cleaning was the most taxing task scrubbing the bathroom from top to bottom burnt an average of 100 calories while dusting for 40 minutes burned nearly 200.


Any weight loss tips will only be as successful as the individual trying to follow them. Set reasonable weight loss goals for yourself and you will find them much easier to attain, making you feel more confident when you reach your goals.

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