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Dignity and Independence in Old Age

Dignity and Independence in Old Age

Alarms. How many can you think of? Take your pick. Smoke alarms, burglar alarms, car alarms, and alarm clocks. How many other alarms can you name? Like many people, you may well have not thought of a personal alarm system for the old and infirm. They are an essential aid for those who want to maintain their independence and reassuring relatives.
Dignity and Independence in Old Age

Peace of Mind

Surprisingly for such a useful piece of equipment, some have never heard of the benefits personal alarms can bring. In just the same way that an attack alarm can bring help immediately, a personal alarm system can bring medical help quickly. It is not hard to see how such an alarm system can provide both peaces of mind and security.
If you consider the many ways in which the elderly can injure themselves as they become frailer, it stands to reason that some kind of warning system could potentially save a life. Unfortunately, without such an early warning system older people can risk serious complications if they do not get immediate assistance in the event of a fall.
Falling in the garden on a cold night could prove to be a disaster. Falls downstairs are not uncommon and failing eyesight and hearing can be confusing for those with mobility problems.
Personal Alarm systems can help in all of these situations. At the touch of a button, a trained operator is at hand. They will call the relevant service, whether it’s an ambulance or police, as well as close relatives or neighbors who could respond in seconds. A personal alarm is much simpler to operate that a phone in an emergency situation.
There are several different types of personal alarms. They can be discreet and hidden from view if your relative opts for a pendant-style alarm. For real close-at-hand help, a bracelet style may be more suitable. In either case, the service is the same. Personal alarm professionals are highly experienced and trained to respond to an alarm call swiftly.

Other Safety Equipment

You should consider other types of independent living alarms. For example, it is possible to buy alarms that will alert you if a bath has been left running before it overflows. Smoke alarms are advisable in any house, but with the elderly being more prone to accidents in the home, it really is an essential item. You may be eligible for help towards the cost of these items. You can find out by visiting the government health website.
It is not uncommon for people to become anxious and preoccupied with the safety of an elderly relative. Yet it is important to many of those who are becoming frail to stay in their own homes. With a few simple aids and help at hand twenty-four hours a day, you can have peace of mind and allow your relative the freedom they want so much.
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