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How to Avoid Suffering, Disappointment, and Failure

How to avoid suffering, we normally undergo once we get upset, offended, disapproved of, rejected, criticized, once we really feel unnoticed, and once we fail (the record, in fact, is way greater however you get the purpose). 

But the place does struggling stem from and who is definitely experiencing it? The reply - the large fats Ego.

The ego is the one factor that's able to experience struggle. How to avoid suffering, here is the way it works: the larger the ego, the larger the struggling.

And how do you find yourself with a giant ego? Quite merely, you feed it. So let's paraphrase: the extra you feed the ego, the extra you undergo.

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How to Avoid Suffering, Disappointment, and Failure

How to avoid suffering a word of warning

You could suppose that your ego is not that large because you lack self-confidence, you simply really feel intimidated, you're keen to please, and also you clearly have an inferiority complicated. 

The factor is, should you are experiencing struggling, and then you definitely ego is simply as large as that of somebody who is commonly impolite, over-confident, confrontational and feels superior.

If there may be struggling, there may be at all times a giant ego concerned. Whether you are feeling inferior or superior, that is the ego speaking.

So once more, to cease struggling you merely must cease feeding the ego. Importantly, your ego will get its largest (and most positively junk) meals throughout the success. So success is the time when you want to starve your ego. 

This implies that each time you get praised, authorized of, obtain an aim, or get another exterior trigger for feeling nice, you want to keep away from the temptation to pat yourself on the again. Do not suppose that you just had something to do together with your success.

Never take credit score for the issues that prove effective in your life (or else you're feeding the ego). Be humble and apply GRATITUDE as a substitute. Understand that life flows by way of you, not due to you. This method you retain your ego small and you're much less more likely to undergo when failure comes. The smaller the ego the smaller the struggling.

Importantly, failure will come for positive, and shortly

How to avoid suffering, importantly, failure will come for positive, and shortly. One of the legal guidelines of physics states that for each motion there may be an equal and reverse response. 

Thus, success brings failure, failure brings success. And the extra you rejoice in success (thereby feeding your ego), the extra you'll undergo throughout the failure. Of course, the ego needs you to imagine that YOU achieved all these nice issues.

But taking credit score for them solely strengthens the ego and intensifies the struggle throughout your upcoming failure. So resist temptation. Don't feed the illness. Prevent it while you're in a constructive way of thinking (i.e. in occasions of success). Sober up. Stay impartial. 

Remain humble and grateful. It is way simpler to manage yourself when issues are going effectively than on occasions of failure. Therefore, do the work beforehand and you will not need to take care of disappointment and struggle in a while.

Oh, however, wait! What concerning the quest for approval that the majority of us are consistently pushed by? Well, that needs to be the worst, most unproductive factor to attempt for.


Approval is certain to guide you to your demise, and shortly. It is the basis of all struggling and you need to neither be in search of it nor taking it (not to mention basking in it once you do get it). The ego fooles to approve the strength of the subsequent failure intensifies his struggle. So keep cool. Be grateful.