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Why Cigarette Death Is Your Fault

Why cigarette death is your fault, as much as humanity would like to deny it or sweep it under the rug, most of their choices determine whether they reach the promised life span of seventy-five or not. Sometimes, the choice is not theirs to make.

When it comes to the bad habit of smoking, the truth is harsh and every smoker knows because the general surgeons’ warning is clear in black and white.

As much as this is not a prohibited substance and goes on to earn governments around the world a large profit it is a cause to worry as people continue to make the wrong choices and end up losing their life’s to lung cancer or other opportunistic diseases. Why then is it your choice if cigarettes kill you?
Cigarette smoking leads to the path of death
The adage ‘life is what you make out of it’ is the other side of death is by the choices you make. Well, the whole truth is that not all deaths are your choice; some are just out of your hands.

However, if at any the point you died from the result of something you have been doing voluntarily, especially something you knew would eventually lead to such a death.

The die has been cast, the writing finger has writ and it is in your hands. It is as if you committed suicide over a long period.

Why Cigarette Death Is Your Fault

Cigarette smoking kills it’s your choice

Since clearly, you have not been forced to smoke, neither has anyone held you at gunpoint to demand it, it is clearly a choice. Since the beginning of time, man has always been charged with the responsibility to choose; between good and evil, truth and falsehood, and right and wrong.

As per the general surgeons' warning, cigarette smoking kills; after reading that, normal people would not be in a dilemma because it means do not smoke, for a cigarette addict, however, it is a choice between what is harmful and if they want to avoid it.

Cigarette Brands

Now everyone at home and in the office knows you are a smoker, everyone in your local pub knows, even strangers know because of the smell and the degraded self-hygiene. You need to decide whether being branded a smoker will suffice for you or not.

You will need to know whether you want to change into a better and classier form of human being and change that name or tag that has been placed on you.

You need to come to a place of tough and hard answers for yourself; frankness will be paramount because this is a decision that needs dedication and commitment.

It's your health

If you died from complications, caused by smoking such as lung cancer, bronchitis, asthma, and throat cancer, how would people view it? The answer should be simple but the dynamics of the human race define and change things a little bit.

It is true that people would be sad, especially people who will follow you to the grave doing the same thing.

How much nicotine is in a cigarette?

On a broader picture, however, you will be slow-acting selfishly by steadily killing yourself with dangerous substances such as nicotine (For instance, a single cigarette can contain about 6 milligrams of nicotine it is for the low end and on the high end 28 mg.) and tar clogging your system before it finally shuts down on you. Then again, it is your life, or is it?

It's your responsibility

Responsibility is something you grow up being taught and learning from the people around you. Its something you learn that you are on your own doing. If you do not learn it costs you and once you do learn it, it still costs you.

Smoking Cigarettes

When it comes to cigarette smoking, it does not make any sense to blame anyone for introducing to cigarette smoking, no, you made the choice and went on to be a chain smoker so take the blame.

Taking the blame is vital for you and the people in your life because it shows some form of responsibility. Studies show that people who own up to their mistakes can easily correct them.

Cigarette smoking is a choice that is slowly costing the world a good workforce that cannot be used because it has been laid to waste by harmful substances used for recreation.

Electronic cigarette

This brought about the discovery and popular use of the electronic cigarette to cure smoking addiction. So easy it is to procure that you can buy an electronic cigarette online for your entertainment and healing process.